“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius

Broken Back Games began eight years ago when I fell down a nine metre hole and broke my back. Was an horrific event, but last year I decided to turned it into something more than an horrific event and create Plummet Free Fall. Plummet went a great success and the game became a worldwide #1 hit.

Chasing innovation and disruption propelled by naivety and ego, I took the process I used to create Plummet of crowdsourcing and outsourcing to start the Gamestarter project. One hell of journey and six months later Broken Back Games and I were penniless. Gamestarter was canned and BBG very nearly followed it.

But we survived completely changing it’s operating model to a partner focused model and the vision to create games on real stories and help others turn their game dreams into reality.

Now Broken Back Games runs a very lean process to determine a project’s success and is testing ideas in gamification for the logistics industry , virtual reality and game creation process.

Team and Partners

Broken Back Games is operated as a partner model. So to scale as different projects gain tractions or as new customers come in

Mark Major

Founder. Experienced entrepreneur whom has a strong passion for gaming and helping others realise their dreams read more

Djordje Markovic

Been involved with Broken Back Games day 1. Djordje is a talented game designer and spectacular artist. Who goes by the handle of Mega Optimus read more

AppRoarr Studios

An independent game studio with a strong expertise working in next generation, cross platform technologies building fun & engaging games for Mobile, PC and Web platforms. read more

Polytronik VR

Wellington based VR company run by the very talented Tony St George have been developing VR since the first development kit read more

Nick Rowney -

Involved as IoT and Gamification partner

Nick Rowney is a consummate networker and a Dot Joiner extraordinaire who has a knack for making introductions for win win outcomes.

But what Nick likes doing best is DISRUPTING, whether that is your Thoughts, Business, Strategy, Nick has a way of getting you to question everything you think you know in order for you to better understand what you have.

Two words to describe Nick, Integrity, Hand Grenade
read more


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