Play as William Trubridge in the time leading up to his world record breaking event, and train to become the world freediving champion.

Gameplay is inspired by real exercises and bodily considerations that William Trubridge undergoes while free-diving. Monitor heart-rate control, undertake breathing exercises, and from time to time, you too can save the day by rescuing Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins from gillnets.

100% of Broken Back Games profits of Plunge towards a Maui Dolphin fund, so you will be helping the efforts to save the species as you play!

Can learn more about William here –

Successfully crowdfunded

Plunge was released alongside William Trudbridge’s next World Record Dive in July

Plunge was successfully crowdfunded last year with the help of 109 pledgers.

Plunge was completed in partnership with APEX Sports Agency. As part of the now defunct Gamestarter project.

Would have to be the hardest and yet proudest project I have ever worked on and looking forward to getting this fantastic game into the hands of gaming, freediving a William Trudbridge fans all over the world.

Since then has been finished and will be released alongside William’s next world record dive in July

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