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Seven years ago while in Beijng I had a freak accident.With no warning, I tumbled down a construction shaft and fractured my spine. My sole memory of the accident was the free falling plummet I had before hitting my head on the side. I woke  to find myself at the bottom of a construction shaft with a sore head, tight chest and the broken pieces of a wooden plank which I had crashed through during my plummet. If that plank hadn’t been there, I believe I would be a lot worse off then. I was there for an hour before firemen were called in to pull me out of this enclosed space. It was easily the most terrifying experience of my life and has caused me considerable consistent pain for the last seven years.
 In 2014, I was free-falling again – I had been made redundant. Suddenly I had lots of spare time. I decided to create something special to mark the anniversary of my accident in Beijing.  A chance reading of Chad Mureta’s (who also was lead to apps after a horrendous car crash) guest blog on Four Hour Work week,  inspired me to recall my experience with a game replicating that free-fall sensation I know so well.
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 I started my project with trepidation, thinking I might need in-depth programming knowledge and even some drawing skills (not my forte!). I discovered that in today’s connected world what a game creator really needs is inspiration, vision and tenacity. Chad’s creation ‘recipe’ gave me all the tips I needed. In keeping with my artistic prowess I hit the ground running with some stick-man sketchings. I worked with a Serbian designer and Romanian developer to build the design. I tested and re-tested my game until that free-fall felt just right.
The technology, connection and information available today empowered me mark the 7th anniversary of my Beijing back-breaker into an iphone game like no other. Hope you enjoy the free-fall….




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Based on my real life fall. You guide me through a Beijing construction shaft as I plummet. The hole is randomly generated so each turn is never the same experience. Awesome cartoon graphics are based on the real hole and myself (in real life my beard isn’t as ginger though) 

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Simple controls and scoring system. Tilt left and right to move falling me. The further you fall the further the score. Just have to watch out for the edges

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Simple controls

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