July 3, 2016

Plunge’s launch and Plunge profits being put to good use

blog-banner-bigThis month, we will be launching the much anticipated mobile phone game, William Trubridge’s Plunge Free Dive. The game will launched on the week of the 18th of July, alongside William’s world record attempt for No Fins in Freediving on July 21st. This is the purest form of free diving that sees William go as deep as he can on one breath and back.

You will be able to experience this in virtual form through Plunge Free Dive. Our game replicates the exhilarating experience of holding your breath down, and having to make it back up. We have added a few extra challenges along the way for you to contend with, such as hammerhead sharks to avoid and electric eels to navigate around.

The second, and most worthy, focus of Plunge is to raise awareness of the endangerment of Maui Dolphins. (add text from copy of Plunge Free Dive). As we developed Plunge Free Dive and learnt more about the Maui Dolphin plight we have decided to provide 100% of the profits Broken Back Games makes from the game to a charity. We are currently going through a shortlist of charities which focused on making positive impact for the Maui Doplhins

Thank you for all the awesome pledgers (hyperlink to Plunge page) whom stuck with us on the way.

We can’t wait to launch our game, for you to play it and to help make an impact on the Maui Dolphin survival.