Can’t Code, Can’t Draw

The day before something is a breakthrough it is a crazy idea – Peter Diamandis

Did you know that games dominate the app market when it comes to revenue. Previously this market was cut off only to people who understood how to code and how to draw.

My program focuses on how you can enter this market as a gamepreneur and make a living off making games.

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Can't Code, Can't Draw

The online program is in the pipeline

Can't Code, Can't

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Canterbury Rugby Team

In my role as Personal Development Manager with the Canterbury and Crusaders rugby teams, I am always looking for innovative and engaging speakers to come and share their experiences with the players. What a find Mark Major was! Mark delivered a great presentation on the development of his first gaming app Plummet. He covered the process he went through, beginning with his initial concept, to harnessing the power of the internet to source designers and developers, who then delivered a slick and simple gaming experience. Mark’s ability to then field and facilitate questions from the group launched the session to a whole new level. I highly recommend Mark as a speaker who will stimulate and encourage creative thinking within your teams or workplaces.” – Mark Ranby, Personal Development Manager, Canterbury and Crusaders Rugby Details

Export New Zealand

Mark Major engaged with the audience and had an interesting story and product to listen to. I found Mark inspirational as he made something great out of a bad situation. – Student who attend the EAT Breakfast Presentation Details

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