Freediving game, based on world freediving champion William Trubridge. Plunge also tellis the story of New Zealand’s Maui dolphin ... more


Based on a real life back breaking fall I experienced , Plummet was a simple game telling my story which became a #1 worldwide app ... more

Rocket VR

Fasciated by this new medium Broken Back Games has partnered with Polytronik VR to see where this medium can take story telling ... more

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Game Development

Experts in game development and game commercialization. Let’s work together to turn your dream into a reality. ... more

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is going to be world changing. We have been developing for the Oculus Rift since the first development kit. Let’s work together to turn your dream into a reality ... more

Can’t Code Cant Draw

But can still build a worldwide #1 game

Learn how you can become a gamepreneur using process and systems I used to create Plummet Free Fall.

Currently only via speaking however a information product is underway 🙂

You will learn
– Process to turn your dream into a creation
– How to crowdsource and outsource
– The many ways you can make money off games and live off your game
– How to market your game to the most people possible

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